Fertilizers and Pesticides

Fertilizer is any material of natural or synthetic origin that is applied to soils or to plants tissues to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants. Fertilizers enhance the growth of plants. This goal is met in 2 ways that, the standard one being additives that offer nutrients. The second mode by that some fertilizers act is to reinforce the effectiveness of the soil by modifying its water retention and aeration. Pesticides square measure substances meant for attracting, seducing, so destroying, or mitigating any gadfly. They are a class of biocide. The most common use of pesticides is as plant protection merchandise (also referred to as crop protection products), that generally defend plants from damaging influences like weeds, plant diseases or insects. This use of chemicals is thus common that the term pesticide is commonly treated as substitutable with plant protection product, though it's, in fact, a broader term, as pesticides are also used for non-agricultural purposes